A Review on Quality Assessment Metrics for Edge Bundling Techniques

Ken Sakamoto (Tokyo Tech)

Ryosuke Saga (Osaka Prefecture University)

Ken Wakita (Tokyo Tech)


Edge-bundling techniques used in graph drawing simplify the graph structure and thereby offers an image easier to comprehend the structure for the human. The article reports metrics that were either used to quantitatively assess the edge-bundling results and/or was employed as the objective functions by the bundling algorithms. The study was conducted by reviewing 56 edge-bundling papers mainly published in VIS, EuroVIS, PacificVIS, and TVCG. Metrics for clutter reduction measure amount of ink usage, moving distances and the lengths of the control points, and curvature factor. Faithfulness is another type of measure that grasps loss of information in the bundled and therefore simplified image. The report compares and argues the advantage and disadvantage of the proposal.

Quality Assessment Metrics

Metrics for Visual Clutter

Pixel counting based approaches

Geometric approaches

Edge distortion

Metrics for Bundling Faithfulness

Faithfulness proposals (Nguyen, Eades, and Hong (2013), Nguyen, Eades, and Hong (2017))

Information faithfulness

Task faithfulness

Change faithfulness

The concept is proposed in (Nguyen, Eades, and Hong (2013), Nguyen, Eades, and Hong (2017)) but practical applications are yet to be seen.



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